A Prayer of Thanks

A prayer full of thoughts and gratitude after spending some time in Timothy Keller’s Prayer.


Father God,

Thank you for modeling and enjoying the perfect friendship for us.
Within yourself –
You, the Son, the Holy Spirit –
You reveal to us an incredible, beautiful relationship.

When you created us, you did not need us for companionship.
You had that already,
In its most perfect form.
Instead, you brought us into this world to share in the joy of relationships.
With you, first, and then, with others.

I am learning that our ability to love other people
Is simply an image of the “internal Trinitarian love” that we were created to reflect.
You intend for us to be closely connected to others.
You care for our souls and our deep need for community, yes,
But you also desire to be glorified through relationships.
What a beautiful piece of yourself-
Friendship is both for us and for you.

Thank you for relationships that have let me share in this joy.
I see richness and rarity in the friendships you’ve placed in front of me.
You’ve given me fuller glimpses of your character through people –
In their challenges and their support,
You are there.

Thank you for conversations that leave me wanting more of you –
For friends who remind me that trust is better than clarity
And that your Word is where I will find you.

Thank you for laughter and spontaneity
In the midst of the mundane.
Thank you for the friends that bring out my best qualities,
Reminding me of the ways you have created and shaped me.

And thank you for the work of relationships.
I’m thankful that the best ones have taken time, effort, and discomfort.
You have allowed conflict and disagreement to draw us to you,
And as a result, those relationships have grown to reflect your joyful friendship even more.

I’m thankful for and humbled by the gift of friendship.
Lead me to live in relationships well,
To love and connect in ways that reflect your perfect union of Father, Son, and Spirit.
Let me draw close to you and enter into your own happiness, God.


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