A Prayer for My Son

Oh God,

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the thought of this child.
When he moves inside me,
When I see his little profile on the screen,
When I say his name –
I am thankful and overwhelmed by this gift.

Having a child feels exciting.
The thought of a son feels significant.
I have so many hopes and prayers for him, God.
I want so much goodness and health and joy for him.
At the same time,
I want to give him to you.

I think of Hannah and her prayer for a son,
Her promises to give him over to your service if he would come to her.
Here I am, seeing your faithfulness in my own answered prayers,
And I, too, want to trust you fully with his life.

You have done so much in my heart through this boy already.
You have redeemed pain and sadness;
You’ve drawn me close to yourself in trust.
Even in his tiny, womb-bound state,
You have used this little one to reveal more of yourself to me.

I am thankful and I am hopeful –
Thankful for the chance to be this boy’s mom,
Thankful to see Reed as his Dad.
And I’m so hopeful,
Anticipating all you will add to our family through his life,
And trusting that you will use him to bring your Kingdom to earth.

So tonight, I’m asking that you walk with my son.
As he grows, as he learns,
Let him know you.
Let him know Truth and joy and obedience.
Form him into a man that follows you and loves others.
Grow us as parents –
Train us to be people who point him to you;
Teach us to love and lead him well.

He is yours, dear Father.
I feel privileged to call him my son,
But I know you love him even more than we do.
Thank you for his life.
Thank you for your work in our little family.


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