A Prayer to Acknowledge God’s Gifts

Father God,

I’m sorry that I so often forget what you have done for me.
Like an Israelite, I neglect to see your faithfulness or trust your character,
Even after you have rescued me.

I don’t stop to pay attention to what you’re doing or how you are caring for me.
I want to be mindful of your gifts, though.
I want to see all good things as your gifts.
And I want to live in gratitude, God.

Today, you are bringing my attention to your faithfulness.
You have encouraged me and sustained me;
You give me what I need,
Even when I’m not aware of what that is.

Thank you for unexpected time.
Thank you for people who remind me of your character.
Thank you for affirmation.

I see you caring for my discipline-hungry soul.
You supply the encouragement I need to keep going,
And you are faithful to keep drawing me back to your Word.
You have made me discontent with days that don’t begin with you
And you’ve been gentle, but firm in you calling me to obedience.

I am thankful, God.
I am grateful to receive your many gifts,
But I’m also thankful for new awareness of how you give.
Please continue to keep me alert and watchful for your work.
Let me trust your faithfulness and goodness,
Even when it feels less obvious.

Grow my ability to see your gifts in the mundane and ordinary.

In your name, Amen.

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